Late 18th Century Lady's Wig: dark brown, 1780s style


Late 18th Century Lady's Wig: dark brown, 1780s style


Historically accurate 1780s wig! This is a wide, frizzy, fabulous wig in dark brown, perfect for costumes such as pirates, Marie Antoinette, Colonial era, 18th century, Rococo, burlesque, and much more!

COLOR: 2, very dark brown

SIZING: Medium. Should fit most head sizes.

CONDITION: Brand new. It was worn to model for the book, and that's it.

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Reproduction 18th century women's wig, perfect for film, theater, and reenactment for the American colonial, American Revolutionary War, and British Georgian eras.

Visually, it is an historically accurate reproduction of a 1780's high fashion style worn throughout Western Europe (France, England, Germany, etc.) and the United States.

This wig was featured in the book "18th Century Hair & Wig Styling: History & Step-by-Step Techniques": As the author of this book, I spent more than a year researching the specifics of eighteenth century hair in order to get it right. It is a reproduction of two fashion plates of the period.

Here is the description of this style from the book: "This coiffure demonstrates the love of texture mixing in the last few decades of the eighteenth century. Tightly curled, frizzy hair in a triangular shape is contrasted with stick straight hair used for the buckles and chignon. This style is appropriate for Britain, France, and the United States from the late 1770s to the early 1780s."

Here are the specifics about this wig:

  • Wide style fashionable throughout Western Europe and America in the 1780s
  • Visually, it is historically accurate. It is created using a modern wig as a base, and uses theatrical techniques to achieve this look.
  • Hair color is #2, a very dark brown
  • The hair used is synthetic, not human