Looking for 18th century wigs -- Marie Antoinette, Colonial, French Revolution, American Revolution, and Georgian periods -- and hairstyles? Look no further!


18th Century Hair & Wig Styling: History & Step-by-Step Techniques is a book that combines meticulous research with easy to follow instructions that will help you create historically accurate hairstyles of the 18th century.  The book includes a detailed history of men's and women's hair from 1700 to 1799:  which styles were worn when, as well as how 18th century wigs and hair were styled.  It provides practical techniques for styling hair and wigs that will be useful to anyone who wants to learn more about historical hairstyling, from beginners to advanced users.  Step-by-step instructions show how to create 25 individual hairstyles -- 22 for women, and 3 for men -- that span the century, and suggestions are included for ways to vary the different styles.

The historical overview provides equal, in-depth coverage of men's and women's hairstyles and wigs from 1700 to 1799, focusing on France, Great Britain, and the American colonies/United States.  The techniques will similarly be useful for both men's and women's styles.  While a good deal of historical styling information is included, the emphasis is on modern methods and products that will achieve a historically accurate look.

This book is perfect for historical costumers and theater/film designers and craftspeople who want to create authentic-looking 18th century wigs and hairstyles.  It will also provide a solid foundation and fun jumping-off point for anyone who wants to create historically-influenced fantasy styles!

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Table of Contents

Part 1:  History


Historical Overview

  • Hairstyling & Wig Vocabulary
  • How's & Why's of Wigs
  • Techniques
  • Powder & Pomatum
  • Stylistic Changes
  • What Did They Call It?
  • Hair Colors

Women's Styles: Year-by-Year

  • High Front Styles (1700s-1710s)
  • Simple Parted Styles (1720s-1730s)
  • Simple Pulled-Back Styles (1740s)
  • Simple Pulled-Up Styles (1750s - late 1760s)
  • High Styles (late 1760s - late 1770s)
  • High & Wide Styles (late 1770s - early 1780s)
  • Bushy Styles (1780s)
  • Simple Short & Long Styles (1790s)

Men's Styles: Year-by-Year

  • Popular Wigs of the Eighteenth Century
  • Full-Bottomed Styles (1700s-1710s)
  • Bob Styles (1720s-1730s)
  • Queue Styles (1730s-1740s)
  • Buckle/Queue Styles (1740s-1770s)
  • High Buckle/Queue Styles (1770s)
  • Bushy Styles (1780s - mid-1790s)
  • Simple Styles (1790s)


Part 2:  Techniques


Working with Human Hair

Working with False Hair:

  • Purchasing False Hair & Wigs
  • Styling False Hair
  • Making Your Own Weaving Hair
  • Curling Synthetic Hair
  • Straightening Synthetic Hair
  • Making Basic Hairpieces
  • Buckles (Rolls)

Raising Hair & Wigs

Wig-Specific Techniques:

  • Wig Basics
  • Adding Extra Hair
  • Changing a Hairline
  • Enlarging a Wig
  • Making it All Look Smooth
  • Wearing False Hair & Wigs
  • Wig Care




Part 3:  Finished Styles


  • Marie-Adélaïde (1700s-1710s)
  • Elizabeth (1720s-1730s)
  • Clarissa (1730s-1740s)
  • Summer (1740s)
  • Madame de Pompadour (1750s)
  • Derby (1760s)
  • Madame du Barry (late 1760s - mid-1770s)
  • Miss Nettlethorpe (1770s)
  • Euridice (1770s)
  • Lady Betty (1770s)
  • Dorothée (1770s)
  • Marine Royale (1770s)
  • Queen Charlotte (late 1770s - early 1780s)
  • Lilac (late 1770s - early 1780s)
  • Marie-Antoinette (late 1770s - early 1780s)
  • Pearl (late 1770s - early 1780s)
  • Plume (1780s)
  • Georgiana (1780s)
  • Balloon (1780s)
  • Star (mid- to late 1780s)
  • Matilda (1790s)
  • Adela (1790s)


  • King George (1750s-1770s)
  • Joseph (1770s)
  • Captain Robert (1780s)


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