Custom 18th Century Wigs on Commission

We offer, on commission, custom 18th century styled wigs. These can be from any period between 1700-1799, and for men or women. We are happy to create historically accurate looks as well as fantasy-inspired 18th century wigs, including working in crazy colors (blue, pink, etc.)!

Some of the different styles we can create include:

Women's 18th Century Wigs

  • The high front styles of the 1700s - 1710s (late Baroque era)
  • Simple and elegant styles of the 1720s - 1750s (the tete de mouton, styles worn by Madame de Pompadour, or during the French & Indian Wars)
  • The (comparatively) simpler styles of the 1760s (the high tete de mouton, the loose updos popular in England)
  • The really high styles of the 1770s (modernly called the "pouf" -- styles associated with Marie Antoinette, the French court at Versailles, and the English court of George III and Charlotte, as well as simpler styles perfect for the American Revolution)
  • The frizzy styles of the 1780s (modernly called the "hedgehog")
  • The tousled styles of the 1790s (worn during the French Revolution)
  • Fantasy wigs (goth styles, plus we have recreated a wig worn by Norma Shearer in the 1938 film Marie Antoinette)

Men's 18th Century Wigs

  • The long, curly, full-bottomed wigs of the 1700s-1720s (styles associated with the Georgian court, British lawyers and judges) and its later variations, the physical wig (worn by doctors) and the square wig (worn by judges)
  • The curly, long queue wigs of the 1730s
  • The buckled (side rolls) wigs popular in the 1740s-1770s (perfect for soldiers and military men in the French & Indian Wars and the American Revolution)
  • The high top wigs favored by macaronis and fops in the 1770s
  • The bushy styles worn in the 1780s
  • The tousled, natural styles of the 1790s (popular during the French Revolution)


Pricing is dependent on the specific details of your commission.  Here are a few example estimates:

  • Women: $400 for a 1770s high style, or $250 for a 1780s bushy style
  • Men: $400 for a full-bottomed wig, or $250 for a buckle (side roll) and queue style 

This price estimate includes:

  • styled synthetic hair wig
  • combs to attach the wig to your own hair
  • styrofoam head (to help the wig keep it style when shipped/stored)
  • wearing/upkeep/styling instructions

Additional charges could include:

  • Lace front wigs
  • Human hair wigs
  • Accessories (such as the bag for a bagwig)

Shipping charges to deliver the wig to you are also additional.  Any decoration (jewels, ribbons, etc.), if desired, is additional.

I will provide a detailed estimate once we have discussed your needs and preferences.


Restyling Services

Styled wigs will only last for a certain amount of time. The more careful you are in storing, wearing, and transporting your wig, the longer it will last.  I will provide you with wearing/upkeep/styling instructions, but you may at some point prefer to have your 18th century wig entirely restyled. If you purchased a custom styled wig from me, I will be happy to restyle it for you for a fee (for example, $100 for a lady's 1770s high style, $50 for a lady's 1780s bushy style, $50 for a man's buckle/queue wig). This offer/service is only available to customers who have purchased a custom styled wig from me.


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