Kendra Van Cleave

Kendra Van Cleave is a fashion historian, academic librarian, and costumer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has studied and recreated historical costume for nearly twenty years, currently specializing in the 18th century. She has master's degrees in history and librarianship, and publishes scholarly research on the history of fashion. Her reproduction historical costumes have won multiple awards.


Kendra has taught numerous workshops on the history and how-to of fashion and costume, including 18th century wig styling, primarily for the Greater Bay Area Costumers Guild and Costume College.   She is available for workshops and lectures on 18th century costume and 18th century wigs/hair; to consult on film, theater, and living history projects; and also makes custom 18th century wigs on commission.

Kendra is on the board of the Costume Society of America's Western Region, and is a past president of the Greater Bay Area Costumer's Guild.

You can read more about Kendra's costuming and research at her website, Demode, where she blogs about her research and projects.